The secret of great eggs

Like all produce, the secret is a great supplier who believes in quality. Our eggs come from Clarence Court. They supply hen eggs from two traditional breeds, the Old Cotswold Legbar and the Mabel Pearman’s Burford Brown. Clarence Court maintains the bloodlines of these birds to distinguish them from the modern commercial hybrid.

These breeds lay fewer, better eggs, with a more intense flavour. That’s because they have more strength and stamina than ordinary hens, so they tend to range and forage more widely, eating plenty of grass and herbs. Research has shown that this diet tends to produce a more richly yellow yolk, and a greater depth of flavour.

When they’re not out and about in the pasture, Clarence Court’s hens can roost in the privacy of warm, secluded nest boxes. They take their time laying, rather than being forced into over-production. And the eggs are well worth the wait.